Monday, December 7, 2009

Cold day

Today was sooo cold! With my parents out of town it falls on me to shovel the driveway. So around 11 am today I went out to clear the snow. I had hoped it would warm up, but no such luck. I spent 45min shoveling snow while Marley and Hugo did their very best to knock the walls of snow back into the area I had just cleared. They ran and dug and jumped and wiggled their way through all of the fresh snow.

I had thought about walking Rafferty around the PCMR base area....but in the end I chickened out because of the cold. Instead my sister and I went to see New Moon. I took Rafferty along since he did so well at The Invention of Lying (sorry about that Mimi!) yesterday. We got there a little bit late and had to go into the theater right as the movie started. Since I have been having such trouble with my night vision I had to feel my way along...making the going a little rough for Rafferty. But once we sat down everything went smoothly. I had to laugh watching him...once the wolves came into the movie he perked up and actually watched through the space between the seats! It was so cute. He didn't make any noise, but rather just watched the big dogs on screen (he was actually tracking, so he had to have been seeing them run!). We left the theater and he was a great pup ignoring all the spilled popcorn.

I love this pup and can't wait to see the fun things we will do!

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

That's so cute about Rafferty watching the wolves! Cabana perks up when a dog comes on our TV. It makes you wonder what they're thinking!