Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday

Marley a brindle striped fluffy dog looks straight into the camera with snow all over his nose, partway up his face, and dusting his ears.  He is looking over the top of a snowbank Marley has to be one of my favorite subjects for photography. I am always taking pictures of him. He is just so different and unique in every picture (though I could say that about all my dogs): his coloring just works in so many different light/background settings. This is a picture from our morning romp. It was short since it is so cold even Marley was ready to go back inside after 20 min.

Also, are my alt tags still working? Are there ever ones that don't? The way that I put them in is different for PCs and Macs. Just want to make sure everything is up to speed. Thanks!


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

What a fantastic photo! I can understand why he's a favorite subject for you. Your alt tag definitely works on this photo. On a PC, if you right click on the photo and go to Properties, you can read the alt tag there.

Emily and Keno said...

I must say, I love seeing pictures of Marley! He is a very unique dog, and so handsome :)

Carin said...

for me, a PC-user, they work great. Hahaha the picture of him with his snow nose kills me.

Ro said...

Perfect alt tag!!

I can totally picture Marley in the snow! Sounds like fun, though soooo cold brrr ;)