Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Keep on Rolling

I have decided to try for a post everyday until the end of the year. I have loved blogging everyday, and it is such a fun way to look back on the past month! With that in mind, here are some pictures from a recent outing with ALL the dogs. Enjoy!

dante a black and tan chihuahua wearing a red and blue sweater stands in a snow covered field of sage brush
dante a small black and tan chihuahua wearing a red and blue knit sweater stands on a field of snow
a landscape shot looking out at a hill of aspens and then beyond to smokey mountains in the distance
Marley a brindle golden mix looks off into the distance with the hair on his ears ruffled by the wind
hugo a black mix dog stand by Tom with his frisbee hanging out of his mouth wanting for it to be thrown
hugo a black mix dog hands off a red frisbee to Tom
the back legs of hugo a black lab border collie mix disappear out of the picture while marley gathers himself for a big run and makes small flakes of snow fly into the air and sparkle
Hugo a black lab and border collie mix runs into a field or snow and sagebrush with Marley a brindle golden mix running after him
Rafferty a black lab puppy looks off camera while standing against a field of snow
A stand of aspen trees blanketed in snow cast shadows on the snowy ground

1 comment:

Becky said...

What fun! Glad you are going to continue blogging each day. The pictures of the dogs in the mountains and snow just sound peaceful and calm. We are determined to enjoy our beautiful mountains more this winter.